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Stephen Jondrew and Stargate Pioneer host a weekly podcast dedicated for the Hobby Podcaster with tips and tricks on how to get started, sound great, have fun and not break the bank. Each week they talk about a podcasting topic in depth within an arc (like how to start a podcast, podcast gear for the hobby podcaster, and tips on different types of presenting-announcing-hosting) and then run down a current news item of importance to podcasting. They also run down any feedback and offer advice on how to make your hobby podcasting time better, easier and more fun.

Feb 26, 2024

In the Better Podnering this week topics include:

  • SP's Multi-cam video editing journey
  • Show analyzers
  • Stephen hates the Polywav

For this week's media host segment, we give our review of Podbean.

Finally, in this week's Better Podback, infamous Bandrew Scott has a follow-up about last week's RE320 discussion. Plus,...

Feb 19, 2024

We open this week with an update about the How I Saved My Podcast and Hobby Podcaster Profile segments.

In the Better Podnering this week topics include:

  • Stephen abandons testing the Zoom PodTrak P8
  • SP has some earth shattering comments about the RE320
  • Why it might make sense to have a dedicated podcast machine
  • Spotify...

Feb 11, 2024

Better Podcasting is back with the premiere of Season 4 of Better Podcasting - and we're shaking up the format! In this episode we'll begin by explaining some of the changes that you can expect to see going forward with Better Podcasting and we'll answer what is happening with the Better Podcasting: Live Chat show.