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Stephen Jondrew and Stargate Pioneer host a weekly podcast dedicated for the Hobby Podcaster with tips and tricks on how to get started, sound great, have fun and not break the bank. Each week they talk about a podcasting topic in depth within an arc (like how to start a podcast, podcast gear for the hobby podcaster, and tips on different types of presenting-announcing-hosting) and then run down a current news item of importance to podcasting. They also run down any feedback and offer advice on how to make your hobby podcasting time better, easier and more fun.

Aug 13, 2018

We kick off this week's episode with a How I Saved My Podcast story that is a follow up to last week's episode about one listener who had to break up with their co-host.

In this week's featured segment, we discuss PERSONAL HEALTH (and how it affects your podcast).

In the Better Podcasting Download we chat about an...

Aug 6, 2018

In this week's episode we share our first hand experiences podcasting from a hotel room and how we solved challenges that we encountered. We'll discuss everything between the connection and cancellation. 

In this week's Better Podcasting Download we question an article that questions if Google has a podcast...

Jul 30, 2018

As a podcaster there are times when things go well with your tech, but there are also times that everything goes really wrong. This week we discuss situations where you may need to ask for help, when you may want to wait to ask, and how you can make the support experience easier for yourself AND for the person helping...

Jul 23, 2018

In this week's episode we ask the question "What is Podcast Success?" No really, we actually asked it - and today we have a bunch of people answering what that question means to them.

In this week's Better Podcasting Download we talk about a recently released update to Skype, what it means to you as a podcaster,...

Jul 16, 2018

This week we get technical as we break down ID3 tags line by line, and discuss how they apply to podcasters. We also share the results of a few samples that we did on how various podcasts use ID3 tags.

In this week's Better Podcasting Download, we revisit SecondLine Themes' Bolden WordPress theme after a recent...